Up-Tempering Different Food Products

At Magnavale we have years of experience handling various food products, such as pork, poultry, beef, bakery items and plant-based proteins. Most food products that enter our cold storage facility are kept at frozen temperatures; some are required to leave the cold store at chilled temperatures depending on the customer’s requirement.

Defrosting Methods

In order to despatch food products at chilled temperatures, we use several methods, the most effective being, microwave up-tempering, and the second, rapid air up-tempering. We often use both in conjunction with one another. Microwave up-tempering can reliably and rapidly defrost food products to around -3°C, following this process we use rapid air tempering to bring the temperature slowly and gently across the 0°C line or to the desired chilled temperature requested by our customers.

Up-Tempering Product Versatility

Our cold store team has extensive experience carrying out up-tempering operations. Generally, the denser the product, for example, meat and butter, the longer the overall process takes. Low-density, such as bread and pastries, products defrost a lot quicker. As each product differs, we carry out validation trials to ensure your food products maintain their quality, taste and texture.

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