Rapid Air Up-tempering

In addition to our microwaving facility we can also offer rapid air up-tempering as a quality, value option.


Two Methods Available

We offer both Rapid-Air and Microwave Up-Tempering.


Lead Times

Rapid air is significantly slower than Microwaving but can be well suited for long lead time products.


Across the Line

Rapid air is great for getting products gently across the line from just below freezing to chilled.



We maintain traceability throughout all of our up-tempering processes.

The Advantages of Rapid Air

In addition to our extensive microwave facility we also have large rapid air chambers within which we can up-temper customers product to their specifications. While significantly slower and less precise than microwaving Rapid Air is often a good match for long lead time and shelf life products.

Many customers who opt for Rapid Air up-tempering of their product are taking the huge step up from ambient air up-tempering, or other, less effective and imprecise methods. The danger of these methods is that a pallet of product will increase in temperature from the outside inwards, making it very difficult to tell when a pallet is fully thawed, creating inconsistencies and variances in quality in dispatched product.



Working to BRC accredited processes, our highly experienced Production Team and on-site Quality and Technical Personnel, including OVS Qualified Staff, carry out full product trials to confirm product parameters and to ensure the quality of your product is maintained through the up-tempering process. Our uniformed and scientific approach seeks to ensure minimal drip lossreduced moisture on and in packaging and provides full traceability at all stages.

This method of up-tempering is suitable for many products so do contact us to discuss your specific requirements.



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