Food Warehousing Services: Creating Efficiencies in your Cold Chain

As well as providing warehousing for the food sector, at Magnavale we provide a vast portfolio of value-added services which can be integrated with our temperature-controlled storage.

By offering these essential services, we aim to help cut unnecessary costs, risks, and complexities from your cold chain. Allowing us to conduct multiple services, such as blast freezing and contract packing from one centralised facility, we can eliminate unnecessary touchpoints.

Creating Cold Chain Efficiencies

What Food Warehousing Services do we Offer?

Our team at Magnavale have extensive experience providing these services. Not only do we have one of the largest capacities for blast freezing in the UK, but we are one of an exceedingly small handful of providers of microwave up-tempering services.

Our service portfolio includes:

  1. Temperature-Controlled Storage

BRC-accredited cold storage solutions for ambient, chilled, and frozen food and beverages.

  1. Contract Packing

We offer a range of packing services from the packing of exposed products to sleeving for ready meals.

  1. Blast Freezing

With a large blast freezing capacity, we can rapidly freeze food products in bulk efficiently.

  1. Microwave Up-Tempering

This advanced method produces consistent output by gently raising the temperature of products through to the core.

  1. Date Coding

Using some of the best systems in the industry, we can print dates on a range of materials.

  1. Labelling

Our automated labelling kit manages C-Wrap, D-Wrap labels, and promotional stickering.

  1. Container Processing

Maximise space utilisation with our container processing services. We manage loading, unloading, stuffing, and de-stuffing by the pallet, allowing you to optimise transportation.

  1. Tray Washing

Our tray washing services use a meticulous process involving food-grade serialisation compliant with retailers.

  1. Pallet De-topping

De-topping allows our clients to over-stack pallets during transportation, minimising the need for excess journeys.

  1. Pallet Inversion

This service allows the seamless swapping of pallet formats and is commonly used when either importing or exporting food and beverage products.

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We work with many food manufacturers across both the UK and Europe, helping create a cold chain solution that is cost-effective and efficient. If you are interested in our cold chain services, please enquire.

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