Midland-based cold store with over 500,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space with ~40,000 pallet locations across ambient, chilled and frozen temperatures.

~40,000 Pallets

Magnavale Chesterfield offers ambient, chilled and frozen storage.


Positioned off J29 of the M1 allowing for easy access to 75% of the UK under 3 hours.


Similar to our other cold stores, our Chesterfield warehouse has attained BRCGS AA status.


Hibernate or de-hibernate your food product with blast freezing & microwaving services.

Cold Store – Ambient, Chilled & Frozen Storage

Comprehensive Portfolio

A long established cold storage and added value facility, working closely with food manufacturers and major retailers and providing a true just-in-time service, through a comprehensive portfolio of services, including blast freezing (flash freezing), up-tempering, date code printing and contract packing.

Magnavale Chesterfield, BRCGS AA accreditated, can house ~ 40,000 pallets across multi-temperature regimes (ambient, chilled & frozen).

Centrally Located

Our Chesterfield site and Group Headquarters is centrally located near key areas of manufacture, near Sheffield, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Wakefield and Manchester.


Magnavale Chesterfield Ltd Park Road Holmewood Industrial Park Chesterfield S42 5UY


Tel: 01246 854999

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Services to the Food Sector

Magnavale Blast Freezing

Ambient, Chilled & Frozen Storage

Secure BRCGS accredited UK-based storage available at multi-temperature regimes.

Magnavale Export Services

Export Services

One of the limited facilities in the UK with approval for China, USDA and many more third party countries with years experience preparing containers for export.

Magnavale Contract Packing

Contract Packing

A range of packing services including direct-to consumer packing, exposed product packing and sleeving.

Microwave Up-Tempering Icon


Dehibernate a variety of food products, such as red meat, poultry and plant-based proteins, by taking it from frozen to chilled with our microwave and rapid air up-tempering services.

Magnavale Blast Freezing

Blast Freezing

Flash freeze your food product rapidly with minimal drip loss. Hibernating your product elongates shelf life and improves product quality.

Magnavale Cold Store Staff Contract Packing

Where to Find Us

Magnavale Chesterfield

Magnavale Chesterfield Cold Store

Additional Magnavale Cold Stores


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