Export Services

We can export your food product to almost anywhere in the world.

Export Destinations

One of the limited facilities in the UK with approval for China, USDA and many more third party countries.
Magnavale has wealth of experience conducting export operations to South Africa, Malaysia, The Philippines, The Ivory Coast, Saudi Arabia and more.

Container Loading

Experienced in container loading for long haul transport out of any UK port, helping you get the most out of the space available.

Pallet Inversion

Specialist pallet inversion and building equipment to transfer your stock from Euro-pallets to UK/Chep pallets or vice versa.

Bonded Facilities

Bonded warehousing available to store and process your product after import.



Our Cold Storage Facilities

Magnavale Cold Storage Network
Magnavale Scunthorpe

Export Services

Are your cold storage facilities licensed to export to China?

Yes, we are licensed to store a variety of food product destined to export to China. We have this license in place at our Warrington and Chesterfield cold storage facility.

Are your cold stores bonded?

We have a bonded facility for food product at our Chesterfield cold store.

Can you export pork?

We have extensive experience exporting meat products, such as pork, to many countries, including China.

Are your cold stores licensed to export to anywhere in the world?

We have a vast selection of export licenses across our various facilities including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Canada, South Africa and the USA. These licenses are for specific countries as well as specific species (i.e. pork, poultry etc) therefore it is best to discuss with a sales representative for further details.

Does Magnavale offer a container loading/unloading service?

We offer various export services from our cold stores, one of which is container loading and unloading. We can handle palletised stock as well as providing a container stuffing/de-stuffing service where we handball unpalletised stock into shipping containers. This method is preferred by many as it can save the need for additional containers and is the best method to utilise space.

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