A Guide to Batch Thawing: Microwave Up-Tempering

As a food processor, ensuring your frozen ingredients are properly thawed and ready for further processing is crucial for efficiency and quality. However, thawing large volumes of frozen foods can be time and labour intensive. At Magnavale, we have specialist microwave up-tempering equipment that is designed to raise the temperature of frozen food products carefully and consistently.

What is Microwave Up-Tempering?

Microwave up-tempering uses targeted microwave energy to heat frozen products gently and consistently through to the core. This gradually raises the internal temperature of foods to partially thaw them to a specified point required for further processing or handling. Up-tempering can bring products to an intermediate frozen state between fully frozen and fully thawed, which is suitable for further food processing, such as, slicing, dicing, and grinding.

What is the Process to Up-Temper at Magnavale?

At Magnavale we follow a strict process for our up-tempering operations that ensures a high-quality end result. The up-tempering process at Magnavale is as follows:


  1. Customer Order

Our customer submits an order specifying the product, quantity, target temperature, and requested despatch time.

  1. Product Handling

We retrieve the customer’s specified frozen product batch from our frozen storage facility.

  1. Equipment Preparation

Based on the product characteristics and customer criteria, the appropriate throughput speed and power is set.

  1. Up-Tempering

The frozen product is manually loaded onto the conveyor, feeding into the microwave up-tempering tunnel. The product is efficiently thawed to the customer’s specification.

  1. Repalletisation

Any other value-added services are conducted at this point including date coding and labelling. The up-tempered batch is packaged as needed and repalletised ready for despatch.

Benefits of Microwave Up-Tempering Consistent Output Speed & Efficiency Reduced Drip Loss Just-in-time Capability

Benefits of Microwave Up-Tempering

Proper defrosting is crucial to prevent damage to frozen products. Our industrial microwaves gently and evenly heat frozen items from the inside out. This tempers products to your precise temperature specifications right before dispatch. For meat products like chicken, beef and pork, improper thawing can lead to significant yield loss from cell rupture and moisture loss. Our precision thawing process minimises these issues, providing meat at the ideal temperature for further processing.

With over a decade of experience, a computerised system, and trained technicians we can ensure each batch is thawed to the correct temperature, eliminating inconsistent results from in-house thawing methods.

A key benefit of our microwave up-tempering is flexibility for your supply chain because products are thawed to order just prior to dispatch, we can provide date coding, sleeving and labelling solutions to meet your production needs.

If you are interested in our microwave up-tempering solutions, please enquire below.

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