Date Coding

High quality & fast food grade date code printing. Our date Coding machinery prints a range of dates including best before, use by, and batch codes.


Our date coding process is automated therefore limiting bacteria transfer.


With a recent investment into our date coding equipment, we can achieve high volume date printing.


We tailor each date coding operation to the specific product.


Over 20 years of experience date coding for the food sector.

Food Label Date Coding

At Magnavale, our BRCGS AA Cold Storage facilities use a variety of food date code printers to produce a clear and consistent print onto almost any material for various food products.

Our fully automated date coding solutions yield benefits beyond speed and package versatility. An automated system significantly reduces the need for handling products and human error is significantly reduced.

Our Cold Storage & Added Value Service facility in Chesterfield houses various date code printers, all of which can be modified to ensure the best print.

We offer many additional services that will benefit your supply chain. Store your product with us and have our team pick, date code, sleeve and prepare your product for despatch at our Cold Storage facility.

Food Date Labels & Printing

Date coding is one of many critical processes within food production. Not only are best before and use-by dates a regulation they’re also an integral piece of information for consumers thus they must be legible. If the date code is either absent or illegible the food product is usually forced to go to waste.

There are various types of food date labels that can be found on products these include:

  • ‘Sell-By’ date: this date tells retailers how long to display the food for sale.
  • ‘Use-By’ date: this is the last date the food producer recommends the product is consumed by.
  • ‘Best Before’ date: this date refers to the quality of the product rather than the safety. After the date displayed, the product Is safe to eat but not at its best quality.


With date coding technologies advancing, printing dates has become more efficient and easier for food manufactures. Most date code printer systems can print clearly and quickly onto a range of packaging materials at a high speed.

The fully automated date coding system yields benefits beyond speed and package versatility. An automated system significantly reduces the need for handling products. Not only does this promote superior hygiene but the chance of human error is significantly reduced.

At Magnavale, we can use a variety of date coding machines to produce a clear and consistent print onto almost any material.

Our Sites

With locations across the North of England, Magnavale are one of the UK's leading providers of cold storage services.

A long established added value facility, working closely with manufacturers and major retailers and providing a true just-in-time service, through a comprehensive portfolio of services.

Our Chesterfield site and Headquarters is centrally located just 5 minutes away from Junction 29 of the M1, enabling us to reach 75% of the UK population in under 3 hours.

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Our largest site with 6 purpose-built, stand-alone coldstores offering 650,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space.

The Scunthorpe site is ideally located for the import and export of goods from Grimsby and Hull Docks and its location in North Lincolnshire, an area renowned for growing some of the best produce in the country, makes it an ideal location to freeze and store fruit and vegetables.

BRCGS Approved and offering a range of chambers and racking to suit both bulk and fast-moving products, this site has the capacity and flexibility to provide a complete operational solution.

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This modern, purpose-built facility with over 200,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, incorporating multi-temperature chambers and mobile racking, is a fast moving distribution centre.

Located just 1.5 miles from major motorways giving easy access to all major retail and wholesale distribution centres, our Warrington site provides well-established consolidation and cross docking services.

A new addition to our Warrington facility is our recently installed blast freezer which brings our group blast freezing capacity to 4500 pallets per week.

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