Contract Packing & Fulfilment

Specialising in contract packing, fulfilment services, repacking, direct-to-consumer & exposed food product packing.


We can pack a range of chilled and frozen foods including meat, fish and plant-based proteins.

D2C Fulfilment

Consolidate your stock at our cold store and have it packed for despatch direct to consumer.


Our food repacking services can solve your logistical problems. Rectify broken or damaged goods.

Exposed Packing

We have approved facilities for the packing of various food items including meat & fish.

Versatile Food Contract Packing Solutions

At Magnavale we can offer our clients a tailored contract packing service thus making our in-house solutions reliable and flexible.

We offer a number of packing services for the food industry including contract packing, direct to consumer packing, repacking and exposed product packing.

Alongside your packing needs we can offer long-term ambient, chilled or frozen storage solutions and tempering services.


Our Contract Packing Facilities

BCMPA Member

We are proudly a member of the BCMPA, an establishment which recognises respected companies within the manufacturing & packing industry.

In-House Equipment

We have established our packing facilities across more than two decades. Over the years we have invested in the best equipment to increase efficiency.

Diverse Range of Contract Packing Services

Exposed Product Packing

Equipped to work with high-volumes of exposed products, such as meat, in our dedicated exposed packing areas.

Direct-to-Consumer Packing

We can pick bulk stock from our cold store and using our machinery we can pack your products for despatch direct to consumer.

Repacking & Rework

We can rectify products in high volume. Our facilities are also equipped to label & date code.

Packaging Materials

Magnavale has extensive experience working with various packaging materials including ice packs and dry ice, commonly used in D2C packing.

Our Cold Storage Facilities

Magnavale Cold Storage Network
Magnavale Cold Store Staff Contract Packing

Contract Packing

What can you pack?

We have extensive specialist packing areas where good can be packed in temperature controlled environments. We specialise in packing chilled and frozen.

Can you repack distressed stock?

Yes, we can repack distressed stock. We have extensive experience repacking products where the packaging has been damaged or there is an error on the packaging or labelling.

Can various food products across ambient, chilled and frozen temperatures be stored and packed at Magnavale?

Yes, we have facilities to cater for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) packing operations for various client requirements. This type of packing sometimes involves the picking of product across multiple temperature regimes.

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