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Next Generation Cold Storage Solutions
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101,000 Automated Pallet Positions

Designed to Handle Seasonal Peaks

Contract Packing & Blast Freezing

Automated Temperature-Controlled Storage

Magnavale Easton Phase II

Our new cold store has been designed with careful consideration of efficiency and the needs of the cold chain.

Designed with no single point of failure, our new temperature-controlled storage based in Easton, Grantham can hold an impressive 101,000 pallets at frozen temperatures.

Opening in Q3 2024, the cold store is designed with multiple points of entry, no single point of failure and has integrated services, such as contract packing and blast freezing.


Located just off the A1, between Grantham and Peterborough, Magnavale Easton is perfectly positioned for onward distribution.

Extensive Frozen Capacity

Magnavale Easton II offers 101,000 fully automated pallet positions operating at frozen temperatures. The 101,000 pallets will add to the pre-existing 44,000 pallet spaces already on-site at Magnavale Easton.

Contract Packing, Blast Freezing & More

The current cold store on-site already offers extensive packing facilities and other added-value services for the food sector. Magnavale Easton II will further add to these solutions to encompass a range of packing services for exposed and sealed food products.

Built for the Needs of the Cold Chain

No Single Point of Failure

Our cold store has been engineered with no single point of failure, meaning that operations can continue uninterrupted even in the event of system disruptions.

Multiple Points of Entry

Magnavale Easton features an intelligent monorail system with multiple entry points, allowing for seamless and rapid intake of palletised goods.

Fire Suppression System

The low oxygen atmosphere chamber prevents combustion, meaning in the rare case of an electrical spark, your frozen goods will be safe against damage of fire and water.

Run Entirely on Renewables

As well as being highly energy-efficient our new cold store, will run entirely on renewable energy, allowing our customers to seek sustainable solutions.

Industry-Leading Automation

The monorails and cranes used at Magnavale Easton are engineered by the most reliable names in the industry and are capable of fast throughput speeds and pallet load.

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