Blast Freezing

We are proud to have the largest blast freezing capacity in the UK, enabling us to meet the intake demands of our customers and working in partnership to extend the life and maintain the quality of food products.

Fully Trialled

Blast freezing guarantees your product gets the perfect freeze down to the core.

Increased Consistency

Product quality is much more consistent.

Drip Loss

The faster freezing time reduces drip loss maintaining flavour.

Shelf Life

Freezing down a product in mere hours means a significantly increased shelf life.

Fast Blast Freezing for the Food Sector

Years Blast of Freezing Experience

Magnavale has been using blast freezers since 2000. Blast Freezing, commonly known as flash freezing, is a process utilised by those in the frozen food industry, as a method to increase shelf life.

Blast Freezing Services are currently available across all Magnavale facilities in the UK – Chesterfield, Scunthorpe, Warrington & Easton.

In addition to rapid freezing solutions we can offer frozen storage and other services such as tempering, contract packing and labelling.

Maintain & Enhance Product Quality

Products are taken from fresh to frozen in the most efficient way locking in freshness and restricting bacterial growth which leads to product deterioration.

Pause Bacterial Growth

The growth of bacteria found in meat, fish and poultry is significantly disrupted, ensuring your product is safe for consumption and extending its shelf life.

Preserve Nutrients

Rapid nutrient deterioration is effectively stopped so nutritional health benefits are preserved.


Blast Freezing Process

Blast freezing, also known as shock freezing, flash freezing, deep freezing and rapid cooling, is a method used to rapidly bring down the temperature of food products.

Unlike standard freezers, blast freezers operate at a much lower temperature range. The typical temperature range for a blast freezing unit is around -40 degrees Celsius. These blast freezing units can house up to 33 pallets of the food product and cater to a wide range of products including meat, fish, plant based and dairy goods.

Manufacturers see many benefits from blast freezing their products; generally, the faster you can freeze a food product down, the better the resulting product will be in terms of bacterial growth, taste, texture, and shelf life. 

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Blast Freezing

What type of food products can be blast frozen?

Blast freezing can be used effectively for most products, but most commonly we blast freeze bakery goods, ready meals and fats/proteins like butter and pork.

Which Magnavale cold storage facilities can provide blast freezing solutions?

We have blast freezing capabilities at our cold stores based in Chesterfield, Scunthorpe, Warrington & Easton.

What temperature do you blast freezers operate at?

Generally we blast freeze goods to -18°C for storage, however we can achieve specific temperatures if requested.

Can food product be delivered chilled and kept at frozen temperatures?

Yes, we can take palletised chilled stock on intake, blast freeze and store in our frozen storage.

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