Frequently asked questions covering our cold storage solutions & added value services. For more information, make an enquiry below.

Magnavale Warrington Cold Store

Cold Storage

Where are your cold stores based?

We have cold stores across the UK based in Chesterfield, Scunthorpe, Warrington & Easton. Our cold stores are strategically located meaning that major motorway routes and distribution centres are accessible.


All our cold storage facilites are BRCGS AA graded for Storage and Distribution.


Our cold storage facilities can house both CHEP & EURO pallets. We also provide an inversion service if you require a different pallet format. Inversion services are usually utilised for those importing/exporting food products.


Our warehouse racking can house up to 1.68m tall. However, if your pallets are taller than our racking, we can provide a de-topping service which reduces the height of your palletised stock.

Magnavale Up-Tempering Solutions

Up-Tempering – Thawing

Can I store my food product frozen, and have it delivered chilled?

Many of our customers store their product in our frozen warehouse and utilise our up-tempering service to despatch chilled.

How long will it take to defrost my food products?

We carry out trials for all our customers. In these trials we can determine how long your product will take to defrost. For denser products, like fats or proteins, the process will take significantly longer compared to lower density products such as most bakery goods.

Magnavale Chesterfield

Blast Freezing

What type of food products can be blast frozen?

Blast freezing can be used effectively for most products, but most commonly we blast freeze bakery goods, ready meals and fats/proteins like butter and pork.

Which Magnavale cold storage facilities can provide blast freezing solutions?

We have blast freezing capabilities at our cold stores based in Chesterfield, Scunthorpe and Warrington.

What temperature do you blast freezers operate at?

Generally we blast freeze goods to -18°C for storage, however we can achieve specific temperatures if requested.

Can food product be delivered chilled and kept at frozen temperatures?

Yes, we can take palletised chilled stock on intake, blast freeze and store in our frozen storage.

Magnavale Cold Store Staff Contract Packing

Contract Packing

What can you pack?

We have extensive specialist packing areas where good can be packed in temperature controlled environments. We specialise in packing chilled and frozen.

Can you repack distressed stock?

Yes, we can repack distressed stock. We have extensive experience repacking products where the packaging has been damaged or there is an error on the packaging or labelling.

Can various food products across ambient, chilled and frozen temperatures be stored and packed at Magnavale?

Yes, we have facilities to cater for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) packing operations for various client requirements. This type of packing sometimes involves the picking of product across multiple temperature regimes.

Production Line

Date Coding & Labelling

What food items can you date code?

We can print date codes onto a vast selection of food packaging. We carry out trials beforehand to ensure we can produce a consistent and clear date code onto the packaged food item.

Which Magnavale cold store can carry out date coding and labelling solutions?

We can carry out date code printing and food labelling at several of our facilities, with specialist areas in Chesterfield and Easton.

Magnavale Scunthorpe

Export Services

Are your cold storage facilities licensed to export to China?

Yes, we are licensed to store a variety of food product destined to export to China. We have this license in place at our Warrington and Chesterfield cold storage facility.

Are your cold stores bonded?

We have a bonded facility for food product at our Chesterfield cold store.

Can you export pork?

We have extensive experience exporting meat products, such as pork, to many countries, including China.

Are your cold stores licensed to export to anywhere in the world?

We have a vast selection of export licenses across our various facilities including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Canada, South Africa and the USA. These licenses are for specific countries as well as specific species (i.e. pork, poultry etc) therefore it is best to discuss with a sales representative for further details.

Does Magnavale offer a container loading/unloading service?

We offer various export services from our cold stores, one of which is container loading and unloading. We can handle palletised stock as well as providing a container stuffing/de-stuffing service where we handball unpalletised stock into shipping containers. This method is preferred by many as it can save the need for additional containers and is the best method to utilise space.

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