How are Large Quantities of Frozen Food Thawed?

Dual Method Up-Tempering for a Consistent Output

We utilise several methods to defrost food products; one involves using advanced microwave technology, and then rapid air, used to equalise temperatures after the microwave process.

Our up-tempering process ensures the product is defrosted consistently, ensuring that the temperature remains consistent right through to the core of the food product.

Our cold storage facility in Chesterfield has extensive experience utilising microwave up-tempering and the midlands based cold store has one of the largest microwave up-tempering facilities in Europe.

Using the combination of microwaving and rapid air, we can take products from frozen to chill quicker than all other alternatives. Microwave up-tempering can reliably and rapidly defrost food products to around -3°C, following this process we use rapid air tempering to bring the temperature slowly and gently across the 0°C line or to the desired chilled temperature requested by our customers. While our microwaving equipment uses microwave radiation to generate intermolecular friction, our rapid air solution takes place in a large warehouse chamber using strategically situated fans.

Safe and Effective Defrosting for the Food Sector

The combination of these is often preferred by our partners and is recommended by our technical team due to the benefits they yield. The goal is to safely increase temperature in the frozen product rather than expose it to harsh heat. Microwave Up-tempering can achieve this whilst also reducing drip loss ensuring that, particularly for proteins, product nutrients and water is retained.

Product Versatility – Red meat, poultry, dairy, bakery & more

Up-tempering is an effective method for a range of food products. We have had experience up-tempering various products from pork and poultry to butter and confectionary.

To ensure your product is thawed effectively and efficiently, we carry out trials for all our customers. In these trials we can determine how long your product will take to defrost. For denser products, like fats or proteins, the process will take significantly longer compared to lower density products, such as most bakery goods.

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