Frozen Food Trends for 2023

In the last two years, we have seen a plethora of plant-based and meat-alternative products arise in the frozen sector at the same time as Covid caused large market disruptions. After an initial spike in frozen food sales during the lockdown period, sales have slightly eased. However, the BFFF recently stated that sales of frozen foods remained 13.5% higher than pre-pandemic levels. These sales suggest a shift in the consumer’s opinions towards frozen foods and frozen food may become a reoccurring item on consumers’ shopping lists.

Frozen Food Trends 2023

Frozen Meat-Alternatives

Heading into 2023, there are a selection of food trends in their infancy and others evolving with a focus on health and sustainability. Although it seems the emergence of meat alternatives has begun to plateau, food manufacturers have slowly started to introduce products that mimic the taste and texture of fish, such as tuna and salmon. It seems that the alternative meat sector has now entered a stage of maturity and in 2023 it is likely that we will see more and more seafood alternatives come into supermarkets.

Cultivated Meat

A few years ago, we started to hear the term ‘cultivated meat’. Past reports have suggested that in 2023 cultivated meat should profitably reach supermarket shelves. So far, the sector has made significant progress with various start-up companies opening production facilities across the globe, including one in the UK. The innovative push for cultivated meat has been driven primarily by sustainability which has been the focus of many food manufacturers in the UK.

A Focus on Health & Sustainability

During 2022, manufacturers have adapted various elements of their products to create a more sustainable product. Throughout 2023, we feel this trend may continue and progress rapidly as the larger food manufacturers come on board.

As a provider of cold storage and other cold chain related services, we expect to see a further rise in the selection of frozen foods to enter the market, but with a focus on health and sustainability. At Magnavale we have a keen interest in sustainability and aiding our food partners with services that can enable a sustainable supply chain. Our strategically located cold storage facilities are designed to offer more than just cold storage, our selection of added value services allow customers to utilise various cold chain solutions, such as blast freezing & date coding, at one centralised location.

If you’re interested in our cold storage solutions or added value services, call 01246 858915 or make an enquiry below.

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