Frozen Storage Solutions for Animal & Pet Food (Category 3 ABP)

At Magnavale, we specialise in temperature-controlled storage for a variety of food products. Recently, we announced our Chesterfield storage facility now offers cold storage and blast freezing solutions designated to store category 3 animal by-products, pet food, animal feed and products not intended for human consumption.

What is Category 3 ABP?

Animal By-Products are split into categories, 1, 2 and 3, where 1 and 2 are high risk, whereas category 3, although not intended to be consumed by humans, is classed as low risk, for instance, slaughterhouse material that was once passed fit for humans but is unwanted due to commercial reasons. While category 3 ABP may be considered low-risk, it is still important to handle and store them properly to prevent any possibility of cross-contamination. Many of these category 3 animal by-products are used to produce both raw and processed pet food.

Frozen Storage & Blast Freezing for Pet Food & Other Category 3 ABP

In recent years there has been a steady increase in the popularity of high-quality protein-rich pet foods, particularly for dogs and cats. As a result, pet food manufacturers are incorporating a higher percentage of meat ingredients into their products, such as beef, chicken, and lamb, rather than relying solely on processed or plant-based protein sources.

Just like food product intended for human consumption, category 3 ABP requires temperature-controlled storage in order to preserve shelf life. Furthermore, category 3 ABP can be blast frozen to preserve the shelf life of the produce. The rapid freezing method can be used to freeze palletised product in bulk whilst maintaining the overall quality of the product. At Magnavale, we have blast freezing units dedicated to the freezing of category 3 ABP.

If you are interested in frozen storage or blast freezing for category 3 product at Magnavale, please enquire below.

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