Frozen Food Trends for 2022

2021 saw the rise of various food trends within the food industry; the demand for cold storage also rose significantly during the pandemic, with 2021 seeing a significant portion of temperature-controlled storage companies hitting their max capacity.

The boom in plant-based products appeared to be the most popular trend in 2021, and it seems as though the trend will only continue to grow in 2022. Depending on the study, several sources claim increases in veganism of 300%-400%. The demand for healthier lifestyles is expected to increase even more so over the next year, due to people, most commonly, the younger generation, becoming increasingly aware of what they eat and their overall lifestyle, therefore, this will influence the storage demand for frozen plant-based products.

In 2021, Magnavale became one of the first cold storage facilities to offer segregated temperature-controlled storage for plant-based foods, and it looks as though this storage solution will become more popular within the industry to accommodate the demand.

With a long list of added value services, which include Microwaving, Blast Freezing, Ambient, Chilled and Frozen storage, as well as a brand-new cold store being built in Easton, Lincolnshire, Magnavale are continuously evaluating and evolving our operations to continue to meet consumer demands, which include upcoming food trends.

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