Benefits of a Frozen Supply Chain

At Magnavale, we are huge advocates of freezing solutions and frozen warehousing. While not all chilled supply chains can be frozen, we have worked with many clients that have made the switch to a frozen cold chain and have benefited greatly in terms of reductions in costs and waste.

Cold Chain Flexibility

A chilled supply chain, by nature, is largely inflexible due to the limited shelf life of the product, however, with a frozen supply chain shelf life is paused as the product is frozen down, and there are opportunities for greater flexibility.

A frozen supply chain reduces the complexity of forecasting and demand planning. Whilst those activities must occur for a business to be profitable, it’s much easier to manage when dealing with stock in a frozen warehouse facility.

Reduction in Cost & Waste 

The larger window of shelf life that a frozen supply chain can offer comes hand in hand with the potential to drastically reduce food waste and thus limit any loss in profit. Blast freezing is a trusted solution in the food industry used to freeze food products rapidly, pausing shelf life, and limiting product deterioration.

Superior Product Quality of Frozen Foods

The combination of blast freezing, and frozen storage maintains overall product quality, taste and texture, the benefits of which are passed down to consumers.

Magnavale have extensive experience providing temperature-controlled storage solutions, with cold stores based in Chesterfield, Warrington, Scunthorpe and Easton. If you’re interested in our frozen storage or blast freezing solutions, please enquire below.

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