Rising Demand for Cold Storage

At Magnavale, we have over 30 years of experience in the cold chain sector and over this time we have seen a substantial rise in the demand for cold storage warehouse space. The spike in demand became increasingly apparent as we worked through Brexit and Covid-19. However, as the initial spike of demand settles, we are still seeing substantially increased demand for many reasons, such as increased exports and changes in consumer behaviour.

Discovering Frozen Food

During the pandemic, consumers faced shortages which often led to seeking alternatives. Many consumers found themselves rediscovering the Frozen Food section in UK supermarkets. This spurred on many food manufacturers to develop new lines of frozen foods to cater to their customers desires. During this period, consumers found themselves trying new options. Today the frozen aisle goes beyond fish fingers and ice cream. In essence, the frozen food aisle has been revamped which consequently leads to an increased need for freezing services such as blast freezing and frozen storage.

Constructing Sustainable Storage

As the UK growth, demand for cold storage solutions increases, despite a static supply. Cold stores are power intensive and at Magnavale we are extremely mindful of that. With the advancement in cold store technology, such as efficient compressor systems, and the ability to power these facilities with renewable energy, we will soon be able to offer our customers a sustainable solution. Our cold store based in Easton, Grantham will be fully-automated and run entirely on renewable energy. The 101,000 pallet temperature-controlled store will be online during 2024.

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