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Date Coding

Date coding is one of many critical processes within food production. Not only are best before and use-by dates a regulation they’re also an integral piece of information for consumers thus they must be legible. If the date code is either absent or illegible the food product is usually forced to go to waste.

There are various types of food date labels that can be found on products these include:

  • ‘Sell-By’ date: this date tells retailers how long to display the food for sale.
  • ‘Use-By’ date: this is the last date the food producer recommends the product is consumed by.
  • ‘Best Before’ date: this date refers to the quality of the product rather than the safety. After the date displayed, the product Is safe to eat but not at its best quality.

With date coding technologies advancing, printing dates has become more efficient and easier for food manufactures. Most date code printer systems can print clearly and quickly onto a range of packaging materials at a high speed.

The fully automated date coding system yields benefits beyond speed and package versatility. An automated system significantly reduces the need for handling products. Not only does this promote superior hygiene but the chance of human error is significantly reduced.

At Magnavale, we can use a variety of date coding machines to produce a clear and consistent print onto almost any material.

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