Date & Batch Code Printing

Date coding is one of many critical processes within food production. Best before and use-by dates are an integral piece of information for consumers thus they must be legible.

Types of Codes on Food Products

There are various types of food date labels that can be found on products these include:

Applying ‘Sell-By’ dates: this date tells retailers how long to display the food for sale.

Applying ‘Use-By’ dates: this is the last date the food producer recommends the product is consumed by.

Applying Best Before’ dates: this date refers to the quality of the product rather than the safety. After the date displayed, the product Is safe to eat but not at its best quality.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Date Coding - Boost Efficiency - Reduce labour and machinery costs with no need to purchase and maintain your own printers. - Quality - As our date coding printers are mostly automated, - this reduces the chance of errors and increases legibility. - Service Integration - We provide storage as well as a vast portfolio of value-added solutions that you can integrate with your date coding operations, helping you cut unnecessary cost, risk and complexity.

With date coding technologies advancing, printing clear, legible dates has become more efficient and easier. Our automated date code printer systems print, clear readable dates quickly onto a range of packaging materials at high speeds without sacrificing quality.

Illegible or absent date coding is a major contributor to food waste. Our automated date coding systems virtually eliminate waste caused by illegible dates. Our date coding printers produce consistently clear and accurate date codes onto a range of different packaging, from cardboard to plastic trays.

Our automated date coding systems also yield benefits beyond speed and packaging versatility. By minimising product handling, automation promotes superior food safety and hygiene. Automation additionally reduces the chance of costly human error and non-compliance with date labelling regulations which can lead to food recalls.

At Magnavale, we only utilise the most advanced date coding technologies to produce flawless, legible date prints onto almost any package material. Our quality coding ensures food manufacturers avoid revenue losses from products being misinterpreted as expired or unsafe.

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