Reducing Food Waste in the Food Manufacturing & Distribution Sector

With the current impact of supply chain shortages coupled with climate change and inflation, reducing food waste has become a top priority for food manufacturers and distributors.

At Magnavale, we strive to shorten and simplify our partner’s cold chain. We do this by offering cold storage solutions in key areas of food manufacture and distribution, as well as offering an end-to-end cold chain solution.

Alongside our temperature controlled storage, we offer a wide range of value added services that can help prevent food waste, the most popular being blast freezing and microwave up-tempering.

Blast Freezing

Blast Freezing is a common method of rapidly freezing produce in the food industry. Whilst blast freezing essentially pauses shelf life, it is also the preferred method of freezing as it ensures product quality, texture and taste is maintained. Proudly, Magnavale has the largest blast freezing capacity in the UK and our team has vast experience freezing a range of produce, such as pork, beef, chicken and bakery products.


Many of our partners utilise our blast freezing and frozen storage solutions, however, they require a chilled despatch. To despatch chilled, we use several methods that take frozen produce from frozen to chilled. The first method, microwave up-tempering, can rapidly take food produce from deep frozen to around -3°C. Following microwave up-tempering, food produce is place in a rapid air chamber where the product slowly defrosts over the 0°C line.

End-to-End Cold Chain Solutions

These are just a couple of our many services that are designed to shorten and simplify our partner’s supply chains. As well as simplifying supply chains, we have tailored our service offering to help food manufacturers reduce waste and therefore increase cost savings.

If you’re interested in cold storage or added value services including blast freezing and microwave up-tempering, call 01246 854999 or visit


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