4 Types of Contract Packing at Magnavale

At Magnavale our primary service is cold storage, however, we have developed a range of added value services, such as pick and pack services, enabling our customers to create shorter and simplified supply chains. We offer various types of food packing and food repacking services, which can be tailored to each customer.

Pick and Pack Fulfilment

With a network of over 200,000 pallet locations across ambient, chilled and frozen temperatures our partners can store their stock across multiple temperature regimes and have our team pick and pack, ready for despatch. This service is perfect for ecommerce or meal kit delivery services where there may be ambient, chilled and frozen goods.

Direct to Consumer Pick & Pack Process

Food Re-packing Services

Re-packing may be required if stock has been incorrectly packaged or it has become distressed in transit. This is a cost-efficient way to avoid any unnecessary food waste. As well as providing re-packing services, we also offer a re-labelling service to rectify mislabelled food product or goods destined for export.

Sleeves & C-Wrap Labels Application for Food Products

Many food products are shipped to retailers with a sleeve which details the product, its nutritional values and the best before or use by dates. These products, such as ready meals, are often stored without the sleeve as it can offer food manufacturers a degree of flexibility. Once stock is ready to leave the cold store, our team can apply the product sleeves/c-wrap labels as well as carrying out any other additional services, such as date coding or up-tempering.

Meat Packing for Export

We hold various licenses which allow our cold stores to store food products, such as pork, destined for export. As well as being an export-approved cold storage provider, we have extensive experience packing frozen and chilled meats, to then export to the EU and South Korea.

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