Tray Washing for the Food Manufacturing Sector

Magnavale brings extensive expertise in collaborating with renowned food manufacturers and retailers throughout the UK and Europe. Our substantial industry experience has empowered us to develop a comprehensive suite of services that streamline the cold chain process. Among these offerings, our tray washing services play a pivotal role.

Located in Chesterfield, our state-of-the-art tray washing facilities have recently been installed enabling us to provide an automated tray washing solution. This cutting-edge system ensures thorough cleaning of trays through a meticulous process involving food-grade chemical washes. Numerous businesses within the food industry, including meat product and mixed goods manufacturers, find this service invaluable.

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What is the tray cleaning process at Magnavale?

At Magnavale, our automated tray washer has a two-step process whereby the tray is firstly rinsed and then chemically sterilised with food safe chemicals. This meticulous procedure guarantees that every tray is cleaned to the highest standards, meeting the stringent requirements of retailers.

To accommodate the diverse needs of our partners, our tray washing equipment operates 24/7. This flexibility enables our partners to have their trays washed and ready for use whenever they require them, promoting operational efficiency.

In addition to tray washing solutions, we also provide a range of services that may be used in conjunction with the tray washing service such as temperature-controlled storage, up-tempering and picking.

If you’re interested in our tray washing solutions, please enquire below.

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