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Understanding Product Sleeving

Product sleeving refers to a band of paper or cardboard that wraps around a product, which allows a company to brand their product without necessarily putting their it in a custom printed box or tray, which is significantly more expensive. A product sleeve can be customised, allowing room for material such as branding elements and promotional and nutritional information.

While many companies sleeve their products at production this can have significant drawbacks when compared to sleeving on dispatch to the end customer from storage.

Beyond the obvious of having to purchase and maintain all the appropriate equipment to complete a sleeving and date coding operation, the primary disadvantage is that the sleeve cannot be altered once the product goes from manufacture into cold storage, meaning there is no possibility of flexibility in applied branding or date-code (Sell By).

Completing the sleeving and date-coding process at the point of dispatch from your cold-store means that different varieties of sleeve can be applied depending on the end customer or market.

In addition, it can be dispatched at any time, rather than a pre-determined time which is made necessary by the date-code being applied when the product during manufacture.

Most advantageous to our clients, sleeving and date coding upon dispatch allows for longer production runs, which allows for larger volumes produced in a single batch. Consequently, this generates far greater efficiencies, both in terms of factory run times and labour.

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