Shortening the Cold Chain

As a leading provider of temperature-controlled storage and value-added services, we have an understanding of the challenges food manufacturers and distributors may face when trying to create an efficient and sustainable cold chain.

From farm to fork, the cold chain contains many complex stages, it is our aim at Magnavale to streamline these operations and cut unnecessary cost, risk, and complexity out of the supply chain.

Temperature-Controlled Storage

Our core service offering at Magnavale is palletised temperature-controlled storage. With BRC-approved, modern UK-based cold stores we provide Ambient, Chilled and Frozen storage solutions for both bulk volume and smaller consignments of ambient, chilled and frozen food and beverage products.

Blast Freezing, Up-Tempering, Co-Packing & more

We are proudly one of the few cold stores in the UK that offer a vast range of integrated value-added services specifically tailored to the food sector. These services, carried out at our centralised locations, aim to eliminate unnecessary steps in the cold chain.

These value-added services are aimed at improving cold chain efficiencies and deliver cost reduction through decreased transport requirements. By locating these services, such as blast freezing, up-tempering and contract packing, within our cold stores, we help eliminate the need for additional outsourcing or multiple service providers, resulting in significant cost savings.

Shortening the Cold Chain

Blast Freezing

We are proud to have the largest capacity for blast freezing in the UK, providing freezing solutions for some of the UK’s and Europe’s major food manufacturers and distributors.

Manufacturers see many benefits from blast freezing their products. Generally, the faster you can freeze a food product down, the better the resulting product will be in terms of taste, texture, and shelf life.

Microwave Up-Tempering

With our state-of-the-art microwaving suite based at our Chesterfield facility, we can efficiently and uniformly thaw frozen products. This process eliminates the need for lengthy traditional defrosting methods, saving time and ensuring consistent product quality.

Contract Packing

At Magnavale, we have extensive experience providing a range of contract packing services for some of the largest food manufacturers and retailers in the UK and Europe. Our contract packing areas, situated in our cold storage facilities, are designed to fulfil a vast range of packing, including sealed and exposed packing of ambient, chilled or frozen food products, re-packing for damaged outer packaging, labelling, date coding and direct-to-consumer packing (e-commerce).

Date Coding & Labelling

At Magnavale, we can use a variety of date coding machines to produce a clear and consistent print onto almost any material. Date coding is one of many critical processes within food production. Not only are use-by dates a regulation, they’re also an integral piece of information for consumers, so they must be legible. If the date code is either absent or illegible, the food product is usually forced to go to waste, costing time and money for the manufacturer.

Container Loading/Unloading

A container loading/unloading service is for those food manufacturers and distributors who import or export food product. Correct stacking techniques play a vital role in ensuring the safe and efficient transport of goods during long-haul freight journeys. Not only does the correct stacking utilise container space efficiently, but also ensures that the cargo remains stable, secure and free from damage throughout the transportation process.

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