Cold Chain Efficiency: Strategically Located Cold Storage Solutions

At Magnavale, we understand the importance of strategic cold storage locations in ensuring our food manufacturing and distribution partners can reach their markets. Our network of cold storage facilities was developed with locations in mind, allowing for efficient access into key areas of distribution around the UK.

The Importance of Location

The strategic placement of cold storage facilities is crucial for businesses seeking to maximise efficiency and minimise costs. Choosing a cold storage facility in close proximity to both food processing sites and distribution hubs provides many advantages.

At Magnavale, we have centralised storage facilities that are near major motorways, allowing for efficient and reliable access to the majority of the UK. Food items can be moved quickly from manufacturing to cold storage.

Transporting perishable goods over long distances is incredibly expensive. Each additional mile adds to fuel costs, labour hours, and the risk of spoilage during transit. This drives up expenses substantially over time.

With temperature-controlled facilities based in Chesterfield, Easton. Scunthorpe and Warrington, we can provide a storage solution that gives efficient access to key markets. Our strategic locations allow our customers to rapidly move food products between our warehouses via major transportation routes such as the M1, M62, and A1 motorways.

Shortening the Cold Chain

Shortening Supply Chains

As well as temperature-controlled storage, we provide a selection of value-added cold chain solutions designed to cut out unnecessary steps in the supply chain. Having these services available at one centralised location avoids the addition cost and time of moving goods to other facilities. We provide various services essential to food manufacturers from blast freezing to contract packing to date coding.

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