Reducing Waste in the Cold Chain

Each year a shocking volume of food goes to waste, a significant percentage of which occurs at the food manufacturing and distribution level. There are many opportunities within the cold chain to reduce waste and increase efficiency. At Magnavale, we are committed to offering temperature-controlled solutions and implementing best practices that reduce waste.

Proper Storage Temperatures

Maintaining optimal storage temperatures is essential to preventing spoilage and loss. Our modern temperature-controlled facilities are equipped with advanced monitoring systems and alarms to ensure temperatures remain within specified ranges for both chilled and frozen storage. Regular equipment maintenance and calibration is also key. Our in-house engineering team closely oversees storage conditions and proactively addresses any risks of temperature deviation.

Effective Blast Freezing

Our high-capacity blast freezing units rapidly freeze products to lock in freshness and quality. Precise temperature and airflow controls in our blast freezers prevent damage during freezing. We work closely with customers to determine optimal freezing parameters based on product specifications. This maximises throughput while minimising waste and inefficiency.

Inventory Management

Careful inventory control and turnover helps reduce waste from expired or surplus products. We use a highly intelligent Warehouse Management System (WMS) to maintain precise counts of stock down to the individual unit.  

Preventing Damage

Product damage during handling and transportation results in significant waste. Our warehouses team has extensive experience palletising and applying shrink wrap to palletised products ensuring loads are secure on dispatch.

At Magnavale, we continuously seek ways to enhance cold chain efficiency while reducing waste at every opportunity. Our expertise and commitment to innovation allows customers to improve sustainability and reduce costs.

If you’re interested in our temperature-controlled storage or value added solutions, please enquire below.

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