Reducing Unnecessary Waste: Packing & Reworking

There are a multitude of reasons why products may need their packaging reworked at various points in the cold supply chain. Whether it be damaged SRP that needs replacing prior to dispatch to the retailer, or a printing error on the original labelling, but this doesn’t mean those food products need to go to waste.

While we primarily provide cold storage solutions, we have the expertise and facilities to rework and repack a wide variety of chilled and frozen foods, preventing unnecessary losses and food waste.

What is Repacking?

Reducing Unnecessary Waste: Packing & Reworking

Food repacking and reworking refers to the process of taking a food product that was originally packaged in one type of packaging and reworking it into a different type of packaging. Some reasons a food manufacturer might repack products include:

  • Changing the package size or format – For example, taking food products that were in a large box and putting them into smaller individual packages. This allows the product to be sold in different sizes.
  • Changing the packaging for different sales channels – A product might be repacked from bulk packages meant for food service into retail consumer packaging to be sold in supermarkets.
  • Repackaging into secondary packaging – This involves taking a unit of product and packing multiple together into a secondary package, like a multi-pack or an SRP case.
  • Relabelling or rebranding – Products may be repackaged into a new package with different branding, labels, etc. when a product gets an updated look or is sold under a different brand name.
  • Salvaging – If some primary packages are distressed during manufacturing or transit, the intact products may be repacked into new undamaged packaging.

The repacking process involves opening the original large containers, removing the individual food packages, inspecting them, and then packing them into the new desired packaging. Repacked food items are expected to maintain the same quality, shelf life, and safety as the original packaging.

What can we Repack at Magnavale?

At Magnavale, we have extensive experience repacking a variety of products from frozen desserts to seasonal goods. We have designated packing areas at our Chesterfield, Easton and Scunthorpe temperature-controlled storage facilities that can handle the repacking and reworking of high-volume bulk products.

If you are interested in our repacking and reworking solutions, please enquire below.

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