Plant-Based Proteins: 2021 Vs 2022

In 2021, after extensive consultations with our partners, we decided to become the first cold store network in the UK to offer segregated, temperature-controlled storage solutions specifically for plant-based food products, on request.

We established in 2021 that plant-based proteins were becoming increasingly popular. A year later, we can still see that the variety of plant-based products available in UK supermarkets and food services is still expanding.

Plant-Based Product Innovation

This year we have seen many food brands and manufacturers venture into the plant-based category. Today, plant-based foods are present across multiple aisles in supermarkets, such as ambient, chilled and frozen. The demand for plant-based proteins has been driven by many factors, including an increase in health and environmentally conscious shoppers. Paired with an increased interest in wellness and concern for climate change, shoppers have swayed toward different styles of eating, such as the ‘flexitarian’ diet.

Cold Storage ESG

We understand that our partners and their customers seek sustainable solutions and services, such as segregated cold storage for plant-based products. As part of our ESG strategy and our path towards a NET-ZERO future, we are continuously transforming our current facilities to increase efficiencies within the cold chain. As a result, we aim to develop sustainable cold storage solutions.

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