Food Repacking & Reworking

At Magnavale, we have extensive experience working with a range of frozen and chilled food manufacturers and distributors across the UK and EU. We primarily provide temperature-controlled storage solutions, however, our added value services have evolved to encompass a range of cold chain solutions, such as food co-packing, reworking and repacking services.

Damaged or Mislabelled Stock

Our cold storage facilities are equipped to handle, rework and repack a wide range of stock for a variety of reasons some of which are listed below:

  • Goods damaged in transit
  • Poor pallet stacking
  • Date coding corrections required
  • Labelling corrections required
  • Print errors on packaging

Rectifying Damaged Stock, Reworking & Repacking Stock with Packaging Errors

Repacking is a popular service within the cold chain that restores a wide variety of stock by repacking the products into new packaging. Often a cold chain can involve many steps where stock is handled multiple times, and during transit the outer packaging of stock may become damaged making it unsuitable for sale.

In the past, we have worked with many food manufacturers and distributors that have presented us with mislabelled food products. In this case, it may be possible to rectify the incorrectly labelled food product by repacking or relabelling it. In both cases, our team is equipped to handle large quantities of sealed ambient, chilled or frozen foods.

Prevent Food Waste by Repacking or Reworking

At Magnavale, we have developed cold chain solutions that allow our partners to prevent food waste and drive supply chain efficiency. By seeking a repacking solution, food manufacturers and distributors can prevent losses and significantly reduce food waste.

At Magnavale we supply a high-quality flexible co-packing service tailored to suit our customer’s needs. Our services include:

  • Reboxing, Hand Assembly, Heat Sealing and flow wrapping, Measuring and Weighing,
  • Packing in both primary and secondary packs, Product sleeving, Product sorting and correction, Metal Detection, Case erecting and Date coding

If your specific service is not listed, please contact us as we have the capability of taking your concept to full production.

If you’re interested in our repacking, reworking or relabelling, enquire below.

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