Container Stuffing & De-stuffing for the Food Sector

As well as providing temperature-controlled solutions, we also provide essential cold chain value added services such as container stuffing/de-stuffing and loading/unloading solutions.

What is Container Stuffing?

Container stuffing is the process of breaking down pallets and loading boxed stock into shipping containers in a strategic way that maximises available space. This service is commonly used for exporting large volumes of food products overseas.

Container stuffing allows shippers to fit more product in each container, reducing the total number of containers needed, reducing cost. Upon arrival at the destination port, a reverse process called container de-stuffing takes place. A team unloads the densely packed products from the shipping container and re-palletise them for onward distribution or storage.

Using container stuffing not only reduces carbon emissions by requiring fewer overall containers, but also lowers costs compared to less efficiently loading pallets directly into shipping containers.

Benefits of Container Stuffing - Space & Cost Savings - Better Stock Stability - Reduced Carbon Footprint

Why Choose Container Stuffing?

Container stuffing offers food companies many advantages in cost, efficiency, stock security, and cold chain integrity.

Space and Cost Savings

Container stuffing maximises capacity by utilising every inch of room efficiently. By de-palletising and strategically arranging items, more product fits in each container. This means fewer containers are needed for the shipment, resulting in major cost savings on container bookings and transportation. Additionally, stuffing can also save space in road and rail container transit.

Better Stock Stability

Proper container stuffing allows for tight, secure packing of goods. When done correctly, items are effectively braced within the container. This prevents shifting, collisions, and load collapse during transit. Container stuffing helps to ensure products arrive intact and unharmed.

Temperature Control

For frozen or chilled foods, container stuffing allows for optimal air circulation and temperature consistency within the container. Temperature sensors can be placed throughout the stuffed container to monitor conditions.

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