Pallet Inversion / Transfer Services for Food Imports and Exports

If you are a food manufacturer or distributor that engages with importing or exporting food products, you may need to exchange pallet formats to match the format used in that market.

Pallet Format Differences

There are various pallet formats used across the globe, but the two encountered most frequently in Europe are, UK pallets, and European pallets, used in the rest of Europe. The difference between the two is the size, which was said to be due to differences in the dimensions of vehicles, such as HGVs and trains, and infrastructure.

While our cold stores contain pallet racking designed to hold both UK and European pallet formats, some other warehouses do not, and on top of that some transport requires certain pallet formats and disallows others, therefore the exchange of one pallet format to another becomes necessary.

Our Pallet Inversion Process

We offer pallet inversion services, often used in conjunction with our warehousing and other services such as container processing, to make your cold chain as simple as possible.

Our expert team will carefully transfer your goods from one pallet format to another, ensuring proper handling and minimising any risk of damage or contamination. This process involves deconstructing the original pallet, transferring the goods, and then reconstructing them onto the desired pallet type.

Pallet Inversion, Warehousing & More

At Magnavale, we understand the complexities of the cold chain, especially when importing and exporting, which is one of the reasons we provide value-added solutions around our primary service, temperature-controlled storage.

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