Meat & Poultry Packing for Export

At Magnavale we have extensive experience packing products including, but not exhaustive, meat, poultry and bakery products destined for international export, including China, USA, Australia and many more.

Product Packing Services at Magnavale

Our product packing services take place in specialist facilities that adjoin our temperature-controlled storage facilities meaning, there is no requirement for costly transport between storage and packing operations. Finished, packed goods can either be immediately dispatched or stored.

We can efficiently pack frozen or chilled products including, but not exhaustive, pork offal, chicken wings and legs and all types of bakery products, and much more. We ordinarily pack items into either lined cardboard boxes sized and labelled for food service clients domestically or overseas, or consumer ready packaging.

Services included in this offering include check weighing the product and metal detection, along with advice and guidance on the most effective pallet-case presentation to ensure maximum transportation efficiencies.

Integrated Cold Chain Solutions for the Food Sector

Beyond contract packing, we also offer an array of value-added cold chain services to enhance your export operation.

Benefits of Outsourcing Date Coding Services

Blast Freezing

Our blast freezing quickly reduces product temperature down to -18°C, locking in freshness and extending shelf life. Our integrated product packing, blast freezing, and cold storage solutions eliminate unnecessary steps in the supply chain. Food manufacturers no longer need to transport products to separate facilities for freezing, packing and storage. By housing multiple service capabilities at one Magnavale facility we can cut out transit time and costs.

Container Loading & Stuffing

After packing and freezing your products, we can either palletize boxes for storage and distribution or can handball the boxes into containers to maximise the space utilisation within the container. We have extensive experience shipping packed items overseas and understand how to position pallets-cases to ensure the security of the load.

If you’re interested in contract packing, storage or any other services at Magnavale, please enquire below.

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