The Importance of a Warehouse Management System

At Magnavale, we have over 30 years of experience providing temperature-controlled storage and cold chain solutions, and throughout this time, we have seen how technology has reshaped the industry. The technology used in our cold stores has a significant impact on the efficiency of our processes and the traceability of customers’ goods throughout the supply chain.

Technology & Traceability 

To run efficient operations, we use various digital platforms to assist with process management and location tracking. One of these is our Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Our WMS systems can allow us to track and monitor our customer’s stock down to the box. We have over 200,000 pallet spaces in our cold storage network, and without a WMS, it would be impossible to supply our partners will full stock traceability.

Upon intake, we can record up to 9 fields of essential pallet information alongside, but not limited to, number of cases, product information and best before date. Each pallet of food product is issued with a unique pallet number which follows the pallet throughout its journey throughout our facilities. This pallet numbers is scanned and tracked using the WMS. When a pallet exits the warehouse, the procedure is followed where the pallet is scanned, and the WMS will reflect the change in the level of stock.

Utilising a WMS is advantageous for ourselves and our customers. Whilst it allows us to optimise our warehouse capacity effectively, the system provides real-time data to our customers, including their stock levels. With a WMS, our customers are supplied with accurate data, allowing for complete visibility and traceability, which is essential for a smooth supply chain operation. The automated system can supply our customers with stock level reports at pre-arranged time intervals set at the beginning of a new operation.

We operate WMS systems at all four cold storage facilities in Chesterfield, Scunthorpe, Warrington and Easton. No matter how large our network may be, the full life of the pallet can be traced 100% of the time.

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