Cost Efficient Blast Freezing Solutions for Meat Products

At Magnavale we understand that for processors and suppliers of meat products, it is important that products maintain their freshness and quality whilst maximising shelf life. Blast freezing is an innovative technology that rapidly freezes meat and other products to lock in flavour, texture, and nutrients.

What is Blast Freezing?

Blast freezers provide superior freezing, operating at ultra-low temperatures around -40°C, they rapidly freeze food products to preserve quality. Our high-capacity freezers at Magnavale can accommodate around 30 pallets, freezing a wide range of items including meats, seafood, plant-based proteins, and dairy goods.

The ultra-fast freezing rates of blast freezers offer major advantages for food manufacturers. The faster freeze locks in flavour, texture, and moisture content. This results in better taste and texture compared to slower freezing methods.

Additionally, the rapid freezing extends shelf life, keeping items fresher for longer. For manufacturers, the process of blast freezing is critical for delivering high-quality frozen products to consumers.

The Benefits of Blast Freezing

What makes Blast Freezing Perfect for Meat Products?

Blast freezing is an optimal freezing method for meat products because it rapidly freezes items within minutes or hours, rather than days. The fast freezing speed creates small, uniform ice crystals that minimise damage to the meat’s cell structure. This preserves the natural juiciness, texture, and quality characteristics of the meat when thawed.

Blast freezing also inhibits moisture loss and bacteria growth, resulting in less lost weight and spoilage. The quick freezing allows processors flexibility to freeze excess inventory at peak freshness to accommodate fluctuating supply and demand.

Overall, blast freezing retains more of the natural flavour, moisture, and quality attributes of meat compared to slow freezing, producing a superior end product.

UK-wide Blast Freezing Solutions

We offer blast freezing and temperature-controlled storage solutions from our BRC AA graded facilities in Chesterfield, Warrington, Scunthorpe and Easton. Working with some of the largest food producers across the UK, we have the experience working with large volumes of product.

If you are interested in blast freezing or storage solutions, please enquire below.

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