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How Microwave Tempering Works

In very simplistic terms industrial microwaves use the same technology you can find in your kitchen; the industrial microwave tunnel generates heat by producing intermolecular friction between the molecules of the product within the confines of the tunnel.

The product is loaded onto a conveyer belt and travels through the tunnel during which it is exposed to micro-waves which produce the intermolecular friction mentioned above. The product then exits the tunnel, is unloaded from the conveyer belt, has its temperature recorded and then any additional labelling or date coding conducted before being built back onto a pallet or into trays.

Although small variances occur throughout a product, for example between bone and fat in a protein product, these can be accounted for an expert technical team and the overall effect is a rapid and extremely consistent temper throughout the entire product rather than just the surface level.

This process can be effectively applied to an extremely wide range of products, including proteins (pork, lamb, chicken etc.), dairy (butters, oils and fats), bakery, vegetables and many others, raising the core temperature from minus 18°C to minus 3°C in under 60 seconds.

Crucially, for customers seeking an exact temperature output for manufacturing purposes, this can be easily achieved. This is often the case for production equipment that requires specific ingredient densities.

Many of our customers prefer this method of tempering due to the many benefit it yields for both the consumer and manufacturer. Microwaving offers consistent results which are critical to our customers and their consumers. The tempering method can reduce the time it takes to up-temper products, reduce handling of the product, reduce bacterial growth and provide a consistent output temperature.

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News & Articles

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