Export-Approved Cold Storage Warehousing

One of our core services at Magnavale is storing ambient, chilled, and frozen food products destined for export. When food products are intended for export, they must be stored in a cold storage facility that has obtained specific certifications and approvals from relevant authorities. As an export-approved cold store, we undergo rigorous inspections and audits to ensure our facilities meet stringent standards for food safety, hygiene, and temperature control.

The specific export-approved licensing and certifications required for a cold store depend on the types of food products being handled and the intended destination countries. For instance, if storing pork destined for China, a separate license is required compared to one needed for poultry products destined for the same market – the approvals are species and destination-specific.

Export-Related Cold Chain Services at Magnavale

We are one of a small handful of cold stores in the UK that holds the necessary certifications for exporting a wide range of food products to China as well as other countries such as Australia, Thailand, Canada, and South Korea. With many years of experience storing products destined for export, we have developed a portfolio of added-value services specifically for goods destined for export, including:


  • Bonded Storage
  • Pallet Inversion
  • Container Loading
  • Container Stuffing
  • Packing, Date Coding & Labelling
Export-Related Cold Chain Services

Benefits of Exporting Food and Drink

Planning to export your food produce to an international market may seem like an overwhelming operation, however, engaging in international trade can harvest many benefits for your business. Marketing your product to a broad range of consumers can offer stability during times of uncertainty.

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