Types of Labelling in the Food Industry

Labelling is an integral step within the cold chain; as well as providing basic product information, labelling can also be used in promotional campaigns. In both cases, labelling at the point of dispatch rather than at primary production can provide an extra layer of flexibility in your supply chain, helping you cut unnecessary costs.

We provide contract label application services using specialist automated equipment to apply labels onto a vast range of food product formats and surfaces, such as big or small boxes, flow wrapping and plastic pots. The food manufacturing partners we work with either send the required physical labels to us directly or we can arrange to have them printed.

As part of our range of cold chain services, we can offer our customers various label application services such as:

Brand Labelling

These food labels are always found on various products such as cheeses, cooked and raw meats and many other food products. Like other labels, these can be applied using automated labelling systems or by hand depending on the product and its packaging.

Promotional Labelling & Point of Sale (POS) Labelling

Promotional labels are perfect for marketing campaigns, seasonal offers, and other retail offers. This allows manufacturers and retailers the ability to store product in bulk and release product with either a standard label configuration or with a promotional label depending on sales requirement.

Relabelling & Over Labelling

In the case that your food product has been mislabelled (a misprint or error on the original), we can rectify this, preventing food waste and costs, by providing relabelling or over labelling solutions. This service also suits food businesses that are interested in relabelling for export/import.


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As well as label application services we provide a range of contract packing solutions that can be used in conjunction with our storage solutions. For more information, please make an enquiry.

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