4 Types of Contract Labelling at Magnavale

At our BRC-certified facilities, we have developed a range of added value services to accompany our primary service, cold storage. Our portfolio of added value services, such as food labelling, allow our partners to reduce unnecessary steps and create flexibility in their cold chain.

Labelling is an extremely integral step within the cold chain. Whilst we do not design labels, we have specialist equipment that can print and apply labels onto a vast range of food products and surfaces. The food manufacturing partners we work with either send the required physical labels or we can arrange to have them printed.

As part of our range of fulfilment services, we can offer our customers various labelling services such as;

Food Re-Labelling/Over Labelling Services

In the case that your food product has been mislabelled, we can rectify this, preventing food waste and costs, by providing relabelling and over labelling solutions. This service also suits food industry partners who are interested in relabelling for export/import.

Nutrition Labelling

One of the most popular and well-known food labels contains nutritional information. Our ingredients labelling service, just like our other labelling services, is interchangeable to suit various packaging types and other operational variables.

Brand Name Labelling

These food labels are almost always found on the face of various products such as cheeses, cooked and raw meats, and jarred and tinned food products. Similar to other types of labels, these labels can be applied using automated machinery or by hand depending on the product.

Promotional Labelling & Point of Sale (POS) Labelling

This type of labelling is perfect for marketing campaigns, seasonal offers and other promotional offers. These labels can be applied to a range of food products such as ready meals, raw meat & fish products, and cooked meat & fish products.

If you’re interested in food labelling application or any other added value services, please call 01246 854999 or visit www.magnavale.co.uk/contact/


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