The Evolution of Direct-to-Consumer Packing

The food sector has been revolutionised by direct-to-consumer food delivery. Food manufacturers and other businesses are now opting to deliver their products directly through to consumers, providing ease and convenience, of food products being delivered directly to their doors.

This trend has gained popularity over the years, especially among meal kit providers and boutique online retailers. At Magnavale, as a provider of temperature-controlled storage and contract packing solutions, we have experienced a significant increase in demand for direct-to-consumer packing operations. The COVID-19 pandemic further accelerated the shift towards online shopping including the purchase of ambient, chilled and frozen produce, leading businesses to adapt to the change in consumer behaviour.

What is Direct-to-Consumer Packing?

Magnavale offers a range of contract packing solutions, among which is direct-to-consumer packing. Our direct-to-consumer packing services are tailored to handle various food products, including ambient, chilled, and frozen produce.

How our Direct-to-Consumer Packing Solutions Work

At Magnavale, we have designed our packing solutions to be efficient for both our partners and our operations. When working with food produce, relevant packing materials, and ambient goods, we receive bulk pallet shipments from the manufacturer or retailer. These items are stored at the appropriate temperature – ambient, chilled, deep chilled, or frozen – until they are required for an order.

Upon receiving an EDI order specifying the exact food products and quantities needed, our team picks and packs the products, ensuring they are at the correct dispatch temperature. We also offer additional services such as printing date codes, applying nutritional/informative labels, and sleeving as required.

Once all orders are packed, onward fulfilment is completed by a third-party courier of the customer’s choosing. They collect the completed orders from us and complete delivery through their network.


Direct to Consumer Pick & Pack Process

We currently provide contract packing solutions at our cold storage facilities in Chesterfield and Easton. For more information on direct-to-consumer contract packing, please enquire below.

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