The Benefits of Renting Cold Storage Space

At Magnavale we specialise in temperature-controlled storage solutions, we understand that the search for a cold store for your temperature-controlled products can be daunting, especially for emerging businesses or businesses without dedicated internal cold chain expertise.

Ambient, Chilled & Frozen Warehousing

Our cold storage facilities are specialised warehouses designed to store a range of perishable food products at various temperature regimes including ambient, chilled, and frozen. Our cold storage warehouses offer the convenience of renting space on a pallet basis.  

The Benefits of Renting Cold Storage Space

Cost-Effective & Flexible Cold Storage Solutions

Renting cold storage space can provide businesses with numerous benefits. Choosing a partner for cold storage can be a cost-effective solution for businesses that need to store perishable goods. Building and maintaining cold storage space can be expensive, especially for small businesses. Renting a facility allows businesses to save on upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenses, taking advantage of the economies of scale offered by a large, multi-user warehouse.

Furthermore, renting cold storage space by the pallet provides businesses with flexibility. Businesses can rent space for short or long periods, depending on their needs. This allows businesses to adjust their storage needs based on seasonal fluctuations or changes in demand. This flexible approach allows business to not only manage their costs but also their stock and thus stock availability all year round.

Beyond Cold Storage Solutions

As well as offering temperature-controlled storage, we are one of a handful of cold storage providers in the UK that offers an array of essential cold chain services, including microwave up-tempering, blast freezing, and contract packing to name a few.

Our value-added services have been tailored around creating simplified supply chains for our customers and therefore capture many necessary and essential cold chain services.

Home to Europe’s largest microwaving tempering facility, Magnavale has been pioneering innovative up-tempering technology and processes since 2002.

Secure Cold Storage Facilities

Our cold storage facilities are designed to provide a high level of security. All Magnavale cold stores are equipped with advanced security systems designed to protect the products stored inside. We provide an exceptionally high level of care for all goods stored at our warehouses.

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