Pallet Inverting Services

At Magnavale we provide a comprehensive portfolio of cold chain services designed to cut cost, risk and complexity within your supply chain. As well as providing temperature-controlled storage solutions we offer a pallet inverting service for those food manufacturers and distributors that ship their products internationally.

What is Pallet Inverting?

Pallet inverting involves swapping out one type of pallet for another to meet specific requirements. A common scenario is transitioning from UK style pallets to a variety of alternative pallets including heat treated and Euro pallets for exporting goods to Europe, or the reverse.

Our experienced team can quickly and efficiently invert pallets with our high-capacity equipment. We invert thousands of pallets each month for customers exporting goods overseas or importing into the UK. This service saves you time and eliminates the need to manually transfer products from one pallet to another.

Pallet Inverting Services Infographic

Export Services to Complement Inverting:

Pallet inverting for export goes hand in hand with our other cold chain services geared toward international shipping:

Blast freezing

Quickly freezing products to required temperatures for transport.

Bonded storage

Secure, controlled storage of goods pre-export.

Container loading

Efficient loading of inverted pallets into shipping containers.

If you are interested in our pallet inversion service, please enquire below.

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