Rapid-Air Up-Tempering

Home to Europe’s largest microwave up-tempering facility, Magnavale has been pioneering innovative up-tempering technology and processes since 2002. We have extensive experience preparing a range of food produce, such as red meat, poultry, and plant-based proteins for chilled despatch.

Up-Tempering for the Food Sector

Our superior method of up-tempering involves advanced microwave technology, however, we do offer rapid air up-tempering either as either a stand alone service or as an accompaniment to microwave up-tempering.

Rapid air, up-tempering involves placing the pallet into a designated chamber that has forced air circulated through it (Rapid Air). Rapid air up-tempering is a very slow process, but, as a standalone service, can deliver high quality results on low density products. We often use the process as a finishing touch to bring products slowly and carefully across the 0°C line after microwave up-tempering. Our rapid air tempering method is done in a temperature-controlled area that avoids any risk of temperature abuse as the temperature never goes above +4°C

While this is an extremely slow process, it is effective for low density products that require very little energy transfer to temper and for gently finishing products that have already been tempered by microwave.

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