Certified Organic Cold Storage Solutions

At Magnavale, we specialise in temperature-controlled storage and value-added services for the food sector. We have several certifications, one of which is an organic certification awarded by the Soil Association.

What is a Soil Association Certification?

The Soil Association Certification is one of the most prestigious organic certifications in the UK. It verifies that products are produced according to strict organic standards that promote environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and social justice.

We are proud to be one of a handful of temperature-controlled storage providers that are licensed to store and handle organic products. We adhere to all organic protocols within our cold storage facilities, including:

  • Complete separation of organic and non-organic products to prevent cross-contamination. Organic items are clearly labelled and stored in dedicated sections.
  • Thorough cleaning procedures using only approved, non-toxic cleansers to avoid chemical residues.
  • Careful handling by specially trained staff to retain integrity from receipt to dispatch.
  • Rigorous record keeping and audits to verify ongoing compliance with organic standards.
  • Inspections by the Soil Association to renew our certification.

By meeting the requirements for organic cold storage, we provide our customers with complete confidence in the handling of the certified organic food products. Our values align with the principals behind Soil Association certification, so food producers and consumers can trust us to store organic food properly.

If you’re interested in storing your organic product in our cold storage facilities, please enquire below.

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