How De-Topping Can Cut Unnecessary Transport Costs

As transport costs increase, finding innovative and intuitive ways to reduce transport costs and maximise efficiencies within the cold chain is crucial for food manufacturers and distributors. One cold chain solution that has been extremely beneficial to our partners is de-topping.

What is De-Topping?

De-topping aims to maximise space during transportation by over-stacking pallets above the industry-standard pallet height of 1.68 meters. By exceeding the standard height during pallet stacking, businesses can transport more stock in a single trip, therefore reducing the number of required journeys. Of course, upon arrival at a cold store, the stock cannot fit into a standard racking space, but this problem is solved by a de-topping service.

What is De-Topping?

How a De-Topping Service Works

The way this service works is simple; upon arrival at one of our temperature-controlled facilities, our team transfers the required number of cases off the pallet onto a new pallet, thus enabling the de-topped pallets to fit into our warehouse racking.

Benefits of De-Topping

There are 2 key advantages of utilising our de-topping service, which include:

  • Cost Savings – The cost saved in the long run can be significant for businesses. By reducing the number of required journeys, businesses can reduce transport and the associated resources with transport.
  • Sustainability – Reducing the number of journeys consequently minimises carbons emissions and fuel consumption.

If you are interested in our de-topping service or our cold storage solutions, please enquire below.

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