Guidance on Storing Food Produce at Magnavale

With over 30 years of experience within the temperature-controlled storage industry, Magnavale has established a network of facilities across the UK offering ambient, chilled and frozen storage within the sector.

Pallet Cold Store

Our temperature-controlled facilities, based in Chesterfield, Scunthorpe and Warrington, store by the pallet. Our temperature-controlled facilities accept all current pallet presentations including, UK standard pallets and all EURO pallet transferring stock from all pallet presentations with one of Magnavale’s value added services, inversion and/or handballing case/basket/tray. Customers may find this service useful if they are importing or exporting food produce.

Temperature-Controlled Storage

Depending on our customer’s specific requirements we have the capability to store at ambient, chilled or frozen temperatures. Our ambient storage can offer temperatures from 0 – 26°C, our chilled storage can offer temperatures +2 -8°C  and our frozen storage can offer temperatures from -18°C to -25°C.

With automated temperature monitoring systems to track temperature levels, we are able to ensure our facilities operate strictly within the designated temperature requirements as dictated by our customers.

Value Added Services

Through years of experience and extensive consultation with our customers and partners, we have developed a portfolio of value added value services which aim to minimise cost, shorten supply chains and reduce logistical headaches. Our two most popular services are that of blast freezing and up-tempering, which essentially pause and resume shelf life.

These two services are often used together but at a different point during the supply chain. Our blast freezing service rapidly freezes product and pauses shelf life. This service is utilised as soon as product arrives at one of our cold stores, whereas microwave up-tempering is carried out just before despatch to raise the temperature of the product from frozen, back to chilled.

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