Expiration Date Printing Services

Printing accurate, legible date codes is critical for food manufacturers, but in-house date coding can be inefficient and create unnecessary and expensive failure points in your cold chain. At Magnavale, we have extensive experience carrying out value-added cold chain services including expiry date printing and labelling. This means product can be date-coded and dispatched flexibly, without the need to schedule dispatches around the date-codes already printed onto packs as they left the factory.

What is Date Coding?

Date coding is one of many critical processes within food production. Not only are use-by dates a legal requirement, they’re also an integral piece of information for consumers, thus they must be legible. If the date code is either absent or illegible, the food product is usually forced to go to waste, costing time and money for the manufacturer.

Benefits of Outsourcing Date Coding Services

Many food manufacturers carry out their own date coding, however, the line requires trained staff to operate, it can often take up substantial space and can be expensive to purchase and maintain. For these reasons, among others, Magnavale provides date coding services alongside our primary operation, temperature-controlled storage.

Benefits of Outsourcing Date Coding Services

Outsourcing date code printing solutions provides numerous benefits for food manufacturers:

Equipment & Expertise

Outsourcing gives food manufacturers access to advanced date coding equipment and expertise without upfront investment. At Magnavale we have been providing date coding solutions for decades to some of the biggest food manufacturers in the UK and we operate with the most advanced date coding equipment.


We use fully automated date code printers, capable of producing a clear and consistent print onto almost any substrate.

Flexibility & Waste Reduction

Ability to scale date coding operations up and down based on seasonal demand and date code upon dispatch.

Integration of Cold Chain Services at Magnavale

Primarily offering cold storage solutions, we also offer a range of value-added services that aim to shorten and strengthen your cold chain. Date coding services can be integrated with our storage solutions as well as other services such as up-tempering.

If you are interested in date coding or any of our value-added solutions, please enquire below.

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