Frozen Warehousing & Freezing Solutions for the Food Sector

At Magnavale, we have extensive experience providing frozen warehousing solutions for food manufacturers and distributors across the UK and Europe. Throughout our time providing temperature-controlled storage, we have seen many of our customers transition from a chilled supply chain to a frozen supply chain.

Creating Cold Chain Flexibility with Frozen Storage

A chilled supply chain can be constrained by the limited shelf life of food products; however, a frozen supply chain can offer significantly more flexibility. Utilising frozen warehousing, alongside rapid freezing solutions, such as blast freezing, the extended shelf life can create opportunities within your cold chain that wouldn’t be possible operating a chilled supply chain.

Reduce Costs & Waste

One of the advantages of a frozen supply chain is the potential for cost reductions and waste reduction. By blast freezing food and products and storing them in a frozen warehouse facility, the shelf life is paused, minimising product deterioration and extending the window of opportunity for further processing or distribution to retailers.

This extended shelf life translates into less food waste and loss of profit, as products can be safely stored until they are needed, reducing the risk of spoilage. Additionally, the simplified inventory management associated with frozen storage mitigates the risk of overstocking or understocking, further optimizing operational efficiency.

Benefits of Blast Freezing Food Produce

From Frozen to Chilled – Dispatching Chilled for Further Processing/Retail

Food manufacturers may store products frozen in our facilities, even if the end products eventually need to be dispatched chilled. By keeping inventory frozen until it is ready to ship, manufacturers can benefit from the advantages of frozen storage. When it comes time to dispatch chilled products to retailers or use chilled ingredients for final production, we offer microwave up-tempering solutions at Magnavale. This allows customers to thaw their frozen goods right before dispatch so they can be shipped chilled.

We provide both chilled and frozen storage options to serve the diverse temperature needs of food manufacturers and enable flexibility in their supply chain. Our combination of frozen and up-tempering services lets manufacturers optimise their cold chain through frozen storage while still meeting chilled dispatch requirements.


What is Microwave Up-Tempering?<br />
The microwave up-tempering process consistently and gently raises the core temperature of food products.

We are proud to have the largest microwave up-tempering suite in Europe. Our up-tempering suite features the most advanced microwaving equipment which is used to raise the core temperature of food products gently but consistently.

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