A Guide to Frozen Warehousing

Storing bulk food products in frozen warehouses is an efficient method for manufacturers to preserve quality food products whilst optimising consumer demand. At Magnavale, we provide temperature-controlled storage solutions to extend shelf life for all types of palletised food products.

What is Frozen Storage?

Storing products at frozen temperatures can safely preserve food products for extended periods. While standard temperatures vary across the industry, our UK-wide frozen storage facilities are kept at -18°C, which is a suitable temperature for most food products.

Our frozen warehouses are designed to accommodate palletised stock within our racking systems. At Magnavale, we accept all pallet presentations, including UK standard pallets and EU pallets.

Preserving Quality & Minimising Food Waste with Frozen Storage

Many food manufacturers store their bulk stock in frozen warehousing to preserve shelf life which facilitates the national and global distribution of their product.

Not only can a frozen supply chain offer greater flexibility, but it can also significantly reduce food waste. Forecasting and planning peaks and troughs in demand can be managed much more easily when dealing with stock in a frozen warehouse and consequently lead to less food waste and unnecessary costs.

Efficient Freezing Techniques – Blast Freezing

Technological advancements in freezing methods, such as blast freezing, have made freezing food much faster and more efficient. With the blast freezer, bulk stock can be frozen quickly while limiting any change to the product’s overall quality, taste, texture, and appearance. Our blast freezers are capable of freezing a vast range of food products, including dairy, poultry, pork, and bakery products, such as pastries and bread.

Blast freezing is one of the most efficient ways to freeze food products in bulk, ensuring a superior quality of output compared to other traditional freezing methods.

Benefits of Partnering with Magnavale for Frozen Storage

We have provided expert frozen storage and blast freezing solutions for some of the largest food manufacturers in the UK and EU. With strategically positioned cold storage facilities, all with a vast portfolio of value-added solutions, we aim to cut unnecessary cost, risk, and complexity from your cold chain.

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